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responsibility of health insurance. let's move forward as the state of massachusetts, as the presiding officer has already done, some 98%, i understand, have health insurance protection in the commonwealth of massachusetts thanks to the leadership of governor mitt romney and the cooperation of both political parties. massachusetts has shown us the way. let's follow that now. let's not turn our back on it. and the last point i'll make on this issue is i keep hearing from the republican side they have a better idea. what is it? i'd like to see the proposal from the republican side that they would put up against the affordable care act. you'll never see it because they basically believe let the market work its will. the market working its will has resulted in 40 million to 50 million uninsured americans. the number is growing, and it shouldn't. it won't under the affordable care act. now, mr. president, i'd like to address the business pending before the united states senate, the employment nondiscrimination act, and ask consent that it be shown in a separate part of the record from my earlier st
always assumed that, based on massachusetts' experience, the initial sign up will be very slow. and in fact, no payments have to be made until december 15 for coverage on january 1. so, while we don't like the problems we had in october and fixing it in november, we do not think it will impact the timeline because we have a six- month enrollment, so we still have four months left and individuals can apply up until march. >> thank you. thank you, mr. chairman. >> now to senator robert. -- senator roberts. senator robert? >> thank you, mr. chairman. 'm going to focus, if i can, on the concerns raised by senator isakson, alexander, and the chairman, on security and privacy. we have a law, the federal information security management .ct, his mother --fisma everything has to have an acronym. it requires each agency to a point a chief security officer to ensure americans private financial and identifying information is protected. and that is a big issue. secretary civilians revealed last week exchanges operating on temporary authority to operate. there is a 2012 12 memo from zyonts,
in massachusetts, too. the young people are last-minute folks. we expect them to roll in december 15 and expect them to do so until the bitter end in march. >> you have people who can use this program to their advantage. these are people who need a lot of medical services, and for which their expenditures are slight. then those who are paying a lot into the program. it's only common sense. why would you need to pay into a program before you could use it. it will have a lot some of outflows and very few inflows. martha: anyone who has a medical condition and they are concerned. they are definitely going to make sure they get on. it's interesting as well. the federal government as part of the deal gave the health insurance companies assurances if it became too onerous on them them would get a federal subsidy to keep this whole thing going and we know where that money comes from. that's taxpayer money. >> you can't give away valuable resource and expect people not to overuse them. it's like putting me on 0 bufft where i can eat all i want and i'll eat the caviar until i throw up. the question is
for massachusetts. here's mitt romney's response. quote. nothing has changed my view that a plan crafted to fit the unique circumstances of a single state should not be grafted on to the entire country. health reform is best crafted by state with bipartisan support and input from its employers as we did without raising taxes and by carefully phasing it in to avoid the ty of disruption we are seeing nationally, unquote. romney, by the way, was not invited to attend the president's annual hall speech. defending obama care. >> question, who aside from mitt romney sees the current chaos as disruptive? >> i think romney was right on the mark there. when you have a bipartisan, when the governor is helping you out to implement the program and the government is part of the program, it works. the state that is receptive to government in healthcare. when you go to mississippi, of course, they will do everything to throw monkey wrenches into the process who don't want to implement it. this is his statement. goes directly with obama is saying. wanting the thing to work and not wanting to work. >> there
.s. attorney for the district of massachusetts, first assistant united states attorney for the northern district of california, and the deputy inspector general for investigations of the department of health and human services. we are here today to announce that johnson and johnson and three of its subsidiaries have agreed to pay more than $2.2 billion to resolve criminal and civil claims they marketed prescription drugs for uses that were never approved, safe, or effective. there were kickbacks to physicians and pharmacies to prescribing these drugs. through these alleged acts from these companies, they lined their pockets with the money of american taxpayers and private insurance industry. they drove up costs for everyone in the health care system and negatively impacted the long-term solvency of the central healthcare programs by medicare. this global settlement resolves multiple investigations involving the ente psychotic drugs and other johnson & ohnson products. the settlement also addresses allegations of conduct that recklessly put at risk the health of some of the most vulnerab
preservation commissions i'm happy to work with her again. alicia is coming to us from cambridge, massachusetts to please join me in welcoming alicia to san francisco. commissioners that conclusions any presentation >> i just want to mention and thank tim and the staff for the excellent job they did do at the african-american community forum. i tenant and also convincing if the planning commission. we said hell hello and we'd be listening and very much involved. there was a group that kind of basically challenged the way things were happening and it was good basically, they were saying are you the planning department tlut our history and, of course not that. and i think as we go forward particularly in looking at some of the recommendations out of the historic recommendation report the historic surveys are done and the historic contact statement we pay attention to insuring that and understanding it's done to make sure it's inclusive, you know, as possible. i think the planning department is going to come up with the recommendations of the issues. were brought up. it's very illuminating and ov
in that country need help. that is roughly the size of the state of massachusetts. 6.5 million syrians are currently without homes. 2 million have fled the country and 4.5 million are said to be internally displaced. >> reporter: more 40% of syria's population now relies on outside help to survive. the ref fees either inside their own country or seeking shelter elsewhere. and the situation is getting worse. the un estimates that figure will rise to half of the population in need of aid by year's end. >> it is not one single event that has caused this. it is a gradual increase because the conflict continues to deteriorate day after day, hour by hour. >> reporter: the two and a half years of civil war have left many syrians without proper sanitation facilities, sufficient food, water, or access to medical help. of those who have fled to neighboring lebanon, the biggest come from these provinces. but for those who have been able to escape the violence, more than 100,000 are seeking shelter in egypt. more than half a million are in jordan. lebanon has the most with more than 800,000 syrian
: gay marriage is now legal in places like new york, massachusetts, california, you know, the gay states. [laughter] but how long until the rest of the nation sees the light? al filed this report. >> state after state is racing to legalize gay marriage but the real question is not who will be next it's who will be last? statistician nate silver. states probably the slowest to move towards legalization are mostly in the south, what we call the deep south, in particular alabama and mississippi are maybe the last two. >> when you went to mississippi, what do you find? >> benoit to mississippi. >> what about alabama? you went to alabama? >> i'm not been to alabama. >> and you call yourself a stat tissation. >> think it's interesting to add color to a story. >> of course, alabama and mississippi. so who is it going to be? cletus or betus. it was time to see which one of these backwoods inbred, homophobic states will swim against the tide of history longest. we'll see who has the intolerance edge. from the state with segregated sore roarities alabama lawyer doug jones. >> with regard to same-s
-- butrollment period what we've learned in massachusetts is when it comes to enrolling in health care, any of us wait until the end to get it done. what didator tavenner, the administration anticipates would be the pattern, of enrollment, prior, what were you thinking prior to the launch of, and do you the early problems you had are moing to affect the long-ter pattern in enrollment? >> we assumed we would be able to enroll folks throughout the six months, but that that greatest surge would come in december, because we got there were people who wanted coverage on january 1 and the second search would come late february, early march, by the individuals who were not as motivated to get insurance. figures, butment they were lower for october him and i think they will be low, and it follows the massachusetts experience, and that was part of the reason for such a long and rome at period -- such a long enrollment period in the first year. >> and you have time to get these problems fixed? >> i think we have time. >> we agreed that the problems of the website are unacceptable, but our expe
have seen a little bit, it is a causation a state law in massachusetts has caused a shortage of doctors haven't do with more people going to the doctors because they do have insurance. speaker even after seven years massachusetts implemented in obamacare style reform, half of the primary practices in that state remain closed to new customers and the customers who can make appointments are waiting a long time. massachusetts is still feeling those effects. it is a big problem, bigger than a glitching website. jenna: one of the things we were trying to do was reach out to the administration to see if there were any previous statements about the doctor shortage because we have heard about it before. some may say this is a good thing more people have insurance and are going to the doctors because those people who didn't have insurance went to the doctors anyways and got it a bill, doctors would never get paid because the patients can afford it. even though there is a doctor shortage potentially does that mean it will be worse off for the patients? >> they will still be seen but it will take
pretty much everything else is cheaper to. another factor is state regulations. massachusetts requires one part so many students. or and that spirit that makes day care in massachusetts is pricier. >> jacqueline: we had 72 and nab but in san rafael. it we were also in the low seventies in sunnyvale and san jose. and little cooler near the coast line parrot it has been bracing especially in the delta. the winds are expected to die down tonight. temperatures running largely in the upper fifties and sixties. a little mild and those locations. will get chile with a frost and buys three being issued already. on your screen you will see it is a fact until the morning paper mainly in the mid 30's so you will see frosty windshuields >> jacqueline: 40 degrees in livermore and sonny til with 42 in the city. daly city. >> jacqueline: upper 60s and mountain view and cupertino with 70 in san jose 70 in walnut creek, 724 vallejo and upper 60s for east bay shore lines. san francisco and 74 for the north the bay. the extended forecast with warmer for the next couple of days was slightly cooling dramat
-election of president obama, the election of the gentlelady from massachusetts, the presiding officer, today. it was a big day. it was a big deal. 20 women came to the senate. a new democratic woman, a distinguished just woman from the state of nebraska, and when they came forward with excitement, filled with passion to serve the nation, represent and be the voice of the people in their state and to get something done, and not only to do it in the lowest common denominator but also to be able to work together for the common good and worry about the next generation, not the next election. that's what we did. let's recall how we felt this time last year. let's get our act together and press on. madam president, i yield the floor. ms. mikulski: madam president? the presiding officer: the senator from maryland. ms. mikulski: i was so excited talking about my topic i forget to note when i concluded the absence of a quorum, so i thereby ask to note the absence of a quorum. the presiding officer: the clerk will call the roll. quorum call: a senator: madam president? the presiding officer: the senat
from massachusetts in 1 1863 west virginia carved the themselves t of virginia. people have no idea word their food comes from and w where ther natural gas comes from. let them know we exist and pride divide something that they need. they lack the numbers to pull it off. the result population is a shrinking percentage of the american population and it has a shrinking influential. rich around cool collins says te things that they might get utah ooustofoust -- out of this is attention. it's very success full of bearing public grievances. >> and that may count. but certainly not this year when the votes are counted. >> another big ballot inniche difficulinitiativeis up in texa. it's an initiative of fight" the three years drought. the supporters say the measure will finance important pro proj, but they call it a vehicle for special dr. >> this is where sail boats should float, but these are grounded. this is lake la vonner. >> von near dallas. where the part water level has dropped 12 in any even 12 feat . woorchlts we have to maintain our splietsz to meet the times of low rainfall. >>
was a benefit directed at older people alone and not younger people and what massachusetts tells us the more direct analogous experience tells us young people come in very late. those who in massachusetts qualified for medicaid coverage or other kinds of coverage that did not require the payment of a premium came in fairly large numbers right away. premium paying customers didn't come until late as we cited in the past and only 123 folks came in massachusetts and the first month. for those of us who either have kids or some of you are young enough to remember when you were like at that age, it has always been the expectation in the case that the younger americans will wait until the last minute when they make a decision and apply and enroll. so that was our expectation that there would be the case and we tried to telegraph that in general about enrollment and the crescendo that we expect. there's no question that the problems on the web site have exacerbated the trend, which is why we have to work all the harder to make sure that it gets up and running and that we do everything we can to mak
. entre las ciudades que se elegirá alcalde esta albania, new york puede, boston, massachusetts. nueva jersey, todo apunta a que chris christie, el actual gobernador no tendrá problema en imponerse a la representación demócrata y sea reelegido para un cargo que ocupa desde 2010; divina, expertos piensa que el demócrata le va a ganar al republicano. - la capital se podrá convertir en la próxima jurisdicción en donde las personas sin documentos puedan obtener una licencia de conducir. consejo de la ciudad aprobó medida que haría esto, pero no todos están felices con esta decisión. >> reportero: con un voto de 8 3, consejo de la ciudad de washington aprobó una medida para que personas indocumentadas puedan contar con licencia de conducir. >> es significativo por la situación en la que vivimos los inmigrantes en este país, significativa que vamos a tener acceso a la licencia washington des
of the country than yearly tuition and fees. massachusetts had highest costs, at 16,500s aids year. california ranked 9th at 12,000 per year >> it's a lot of money. >> twitter raises its ipoz black berry gives up trying to find a buyer. >> emily chang is here now with this afternoon's after the bell report. hi, emily. >> good afternoon, just days ahead of it's expected public debut, twitter raised the price range from stock offerings planning to sell shares at 23ss today $25 a piece, up from an earlier range but that might not even be high enough. two people in the matter tell bloomberg the deal is several time oversubscribed black berry efforts to sell itselves to fallen apart the company will try to raise # million in financing the struggles don't end there the current ceo left the company and will be replaced by form former -- john chen. >> in honor of the faa's approval for in flight use, amazon is giving a discount on kindels and e readers. >> your bloomberg silicon valley index closing higher led by a gain in adobe and apple shares apple's new ipad air hit stores on friday. we're awaitin
.5 million syrians are homeless and that is the population of massachusetts. 2 million people fled syria. 4.5 more are internally displaced. let's go to al jazeera's phil who is in geneva where the arab league is meeting with senior diplomates in a new bid to start talks on syria and good morning and it has been a struggle to shore up support for talks, has there been any progress today? >> there certainly is progress in the sense that all the international players who have a say in what happens in syria have met or are meeting here today. notably the u.s. is here and under secretary of state wendy sherman representing the u.s. and the russians and the russians and americans brokered the important deal in october that took the world back from the brink of war in syria and we are learning some of the members of the permanent u.n. security council are here and would include the chinese and germans and several others and we do hope or at least we are hearing from brahimi in his office there will be a joint meeting later in the day and brahimi said he is actually hopeful that talks today will r
they've been able to rein in those questionable claims. let's go to kathy in massachusetts. kathy? >> caller: jim, hi. >> hi. >> caller: my stock is tcyc and i bought it about 137 and now it's 119. they may get fda approval in february. should i hold? >> yes, i want you to hold because this is j & j's partner in this drug and j & j gets 50% and i think they're very excited about it. a little disappointed about j & j today. my charitable trust owns some. let's go to bill in new york, bill? >> caller: hey, jim, navios maritime partners. >> i like the fact that the baltic dry freight index is going up, that makes me like that stock. let's go to elise in maryland. elise? >> caller: hi, jim, you're my rock star stock star. >> i wish i were that good, but thank you. >> caller: you're quite welcome. looking at the negative action with acadia today, it appears no one needs it. can you give me insight? what's up with that? >> that's a good question. that's a very good question because, you know, i felt the parkinson's progress that they made was okay. let me make some calls. i think that's
of beer sales. and in massachusetts and new york, voters will decide on the development of new casinos. washington state and new jersey residents are going to be asked to raise the minimum wage ins those states. so lots of ballot initiatives to consider. >> absolutely, ty. it's going to be interesting to gauge the turnout on those -- some of those ballot questions as well. gold prices closing right now. it's been a little bit of a downside session. a lot of people are more focused on the oil market. sharon epperson tracking the action at the nymex. >> hey, there's a lot of focus on the oil market but traders are watching gold at the close and we are dipping a bit here as we go into the close and slightly lower by about $6 or so. the fact that u.s. dollar has gained some ground is one of the factors that's contributing to the slide in gold. some are saying they're looking at some of the positive economic data that we've gotten out as well as the retreat in the euro that's helped to lift the dollar. when you look at gold versus silver, we have seen, of course, them trending lower in ligh
. however, then senator obama faced accusations of lifting lines from massachusetts governor duval patrick. do you think paul is going to be able to bounce back as obama did, or is this going to hurt him like it hurt biden? >> you know, we can't really remember anything that happened two minutes ago in politics, let alone three years from now in the 2016 election. i don't really think this is going to hurt paul, especially because we're not really seeing, you know, getting flak from republicans for this. democrats and journalists noticed he has been plagiarizing but i don't think he will really have to answer for this fully until you have sort of the republican base making an issue with paul. and maybe people will do that in a republican primary but right now, paul has sort of either side-stepped the issue -- he hasn't totally taken accountability just yet. >> no, he's blamed it on hacks and haters. hacks and haters he said to george stephanopoulos. >> ahe challenged me to a duel, hypothetically. >> do you think you would be able to win such a duel? are you handy with a musket? >> i never
, massachusetts right now. sasha eisenberg, author of "the secret science of winning campaigns" which thankfully is out in paper back. it's great to see you, my friend. i think the last time we talked was in the wake of the 2012 election. i woernd given the work you did and reporting you did in that election cycle whether you think any lessons have been learned on the right side of the aisle in terms of voter outrage? can we see any lessons in virginia? >> i've been really surprised. there's been a lot of lip service on the right starting with rnc postmortem report that came out this year, talking about the need to make better investments and the ground game, the use of data and analytics. i don't in talking to republicans at the national or local level see a lot of people who have developed the expertise to do that. this is difficult, sophisticated stuff. your normal sort of political operative staffer types don't have the skill set to do it. in the wake of the democrat's loss in 2004, they invest in a lot of new institutions to house data, do analysis, do testing at great costs that existed on
powerful talking point and democrats gave it to him. >> a permutation of what happened in massachusetts where the national party, probably because they thought they were going to have it. thank you very much, steve kornacki and karen finney. you want to catch both on the weekend and every weekend, "up with steve" at 8:00 a.m., saturdays and sundays. and "disrupt with karen finney" afternoons at 4:00 p.m. we take a quick break. we're awaiting that news conference with the mayor of toronto, rob ford, who earlier today admitted using crack cocaine. ♪ [ female announcer ] can you bridge a divide with a fresh baked brownie? ♪ yes! yes you can. bake the world a better place with nestle toll house. >>> all right. we are going out to toronto. this is mayor rob ford speaking. >> with today's announcement, i know i embarrassed everyone in the city, and i will be forever sorry. there is only one person to blame for this. and that is myself. i know that admitting my mistake was the right thing to do. and i feel like a thousand pounds have been lifted off my shoulders. i can't explain how diffic
bit more expensive. up as care costs will go he did in massachusetts people people will run to the doctor and get the physical. that will settle in with very good nurses and physicians and these teams of caregivers to organize primary care, chronic care management and the life care. there are lots of things we can do if we can write down the barriers across the board.
you view it. there's a case in massachusetts where a family had a home. they weren't home at the time. kids and others had a party at their home. they didn't know about it. the question is, should they be liable? the highest court in massachusetts ruled they should not. but there's no question, if you're serving, for example, alcohol at your home or at a place, or at a stadium, you can be responsible for what happens afterwards. what makes this case different is, they weren't serving. this was a parking lot. these kids brought their own booze. so, it was a long shot case that i think the judge probably should have thrown out from the beginning. but the minute it went to a jury, the kraft family was in a tough spot. >> so does this settlement set a precedent? >> the settlement doesn't. but if the case gone to trial, it could have. >>> now to the dramatic rescue caught on tape. a kayaker trapped between two rocks. pinned undera waterfall. his friends racing to free him. abc's john muller has that story for us. >> reporter: a seemingly normal day on the water took a potentially deadly tu
of the story of a good friend in the congress once told a representative from massachusetts told me. we were at a budget summit, one of the first budget summits during the reagan administration and all of these issues that we talked about were on the table. entitlements, discretionary spending, taxes, and it was not easy. in those days leadership said we have to stay in the room and not leave until we got a deal. and we kept working at it. everyone would get up and discuss and someone would eventually get up and walk out. this reminds me about the three missionaries, the british, the french, and the italian missionary who were in a very uncivilized part of the world. and they were making their way down this river and they manage to make it ashore only to fall into the hands of others. and he said in his heart, god save the queen. the french missionary took out his knife and said viva lafrance. the italian took out his stiletto and started punching himself in the chest area and said what are you doing. and he said i'm trying to screw up your canoe. [laughter] i know trying to work and keep th
excellent remarks. io's glad i was here to see thed she and the senator fromsnd i massachusetts all or at the hearing this morning where they have the center of medicaid andc medicare services talking abouts the health care law. a senator from alaska wasn especially cogent in pointing out the difficulties and who differences between those twonai live in alaska and their inability to connect to theem services in the new health carel law. e if i remember correctly she sait only three have been able to drc enroll in pointed out the differences in time. i would like to spend a few minutes reflecting them whatthis happened this morning and what i said to the administration's witness., i begin by telling a story about 16,000 to alexian's who have insurance through something called cover tennessee. a low-cost coverage stateir program. obamacare is canceling a policy. the cover tennessee apparently is an example of what the president has called bad applesd an insurance plan that washington has decided is not enough for you. t i recently heard from one ofn those who policy will bee cancelled
, but the white house counters that by saying that in massachusetts when it was introduced, the young people waited until the last minute to do it and them they all did it in the last minute. so it's going according to planned. we'll see what finally works. well, no, some day they will have to actually release the numbers when they know the numbers if anyone does sign up. >>> and then there's a bill to ban workplace discrimination against gays narrowly cleared a procedural road block in the senate with a support of a handful of republicans. passage is said to be likely by the end of this week. the measure will fois an uphill climb in the house where the speaker john boehner opposes it. and i was surprised, there are still some laws on the books that you're allowed to discriminate in certain places, which is -- not everyone i think realizes that at this point in time because so many things have changed recently. right? >> right. it's election day today. did you know this? >> i did. well, i saw the bounce in your step as you came walking in here. >> walking in here. >> he laughs at anything. i
actually beefed- up and give us a chance to get a third airport. host: massachusetts, good morning. he is wrong. he is a good -- he is a big zero. all he cares about his taxes. he cares about the welfare people. they do not care about the working person, like i self. he never answers. he does not like white people. called my senators and congressmen. they never answer me back. the los angeles times has a follow-up story that lays after a shooting at the airport last week. they are urging the arming of tsa agents. when theyriting that developed the tsa, the mission was clear. officers would not carry guns or make arrests. they would screen passengers for dangerous materials. officerting death of an is the first fatality in the agent history. it could change things. called for a class of armed tsa officers. the training and authority to arrest people -- the sad truth is that they are subject to daily verbal assaults and far too frequent physical attacks. mike from richmond virginia, republican line. caller: i want to talk a little bit about the virginia race for governor. i am a republic
Search Results 0 to 29 of about 30 (some duplicates have been removed)